Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Kindergarten T Shirts and School Spirit WOOP!

We are your premier source for a Kindergarten Rocks T Shirt and
school spirit shirts!

Your new kindergartener will sparkle with bling and personality to
start of a successful school career in the Kindergarten ROCKS Basic Style Custom Crystal Rhinestone T Shirt by Twinkling Tees.

Kindergarten ROCKS T Shirt

Kindergarten Cutie Custom Crystal Rhinestone T ShirtThis Kindergarten T Shirt and more custom bling shirts by Twinkling Tees feature:
  • Rocker style font Kindergarten ROCKS in clear white crystals
  • A black (shown), pink, or white tee shirt.
  • You may also choose a long sleeved shirt for $5 more.

These custom rhinestone shirts are perfect for little girls who are
fashion forward and want to pair fashion with function!  Plus we
have ladies sizes as a great gift for a teacher!

Kindergarten ROCKS Basic Style Swarovski Crystal Rhinestone Studded Teacher Shirt

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Baseball Gift Sets

Baby Baseball Gift Set
With summer fun in the sun comes the all American passtime, baseball!  Give the gift of the sport to fans and parents-to-be with a gift basket for new baby!

Baby Baseball Gift Set
Baby Baseball Gift Set

Whether you like the Mets, Yankees, Red Sox, Cubs or any other team, we've got you covered with custom baby gifts and personalized baby gifts too!  These baby baseball gift sets are a great alternative to a gift basket for baby shower!!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Cute Flip Flops for Women

Get Those Toes Painted - It's Time for Flip Flops!

cute flip flops for women
The Spunky Monkey has a great collection of cute flip flops for women, and little girls. If flip flops are your shoe of choice, than look no further than our fun and cute flip flops for women category.

Everyone loves flip flops but moms especially love this easy and comfortable shoe.  Let's face it, moms love anything easy and comfortable.  Flip flops are the perfect shoe for the mom on the go and our great selection of cute flip flops for women has exactly the shoe you are looking for.

flip flops for women
Our flip flops are made with a great black base that is strong yet moves with your foot.  It's comfortable and slip resistant which is important when handling precious cargo like small kids and groceries. Our adorable flip flops also come in many different fabrics with colors galore. We have shades of pink for pink wearing ladies.  If your more a khaki person, we've got that too.  We've got flip flops in every shade and style to meet everyone's needs.  Our cute flip flops will quickly become your favorite, "go to" shoe for quick trips to the park and a run to the grocery store.

flip flops for girls
We also have the most adorable flip flops for girls covered in sparkles. What girl wouldn't love some sparkly flip flops? Ours are custom made so your little one can have her absolute favorite combination of shoe and rhinestone colors. Our girls flip flops are comfy and match just about anything you can think of. They are perfect with skirts, tutus, leggings and jeans.  Your little one won't want to take them off.

Get your toes painted and get your order in for a pair of cute flip flops for women and girls!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Wall Lettering for Nursery

Polka Dot Wall Lettering
Polka Dot Wall Lettering
The Spunky Monkey offers beautiful wall lettering for nursery's, and children's rooms.  We have several different styles of wall lettering for nursery and big kids rooms including rhinestone encrusted letters, wooden letters with ribbons and framed letters.

Framed Wall Letters
Framed Wall Letters
Create your little one's name, monogram or initial with our beautiful handmade wall lettering.  Their name will become the focal point of their nursery or room with any of the wall lettering we offer.  Our wooden lettering is available in any theme and color to match every room or nursery imaginable. 

Crystal Encrusted Wall letters
Crystal Encrusted Wall letters
Our wooden wall letters for the nursery can be placed above the babies crib or changing table and transitioned with your child's room for further use.  Every little boy or girl loves to see their name spelled out.  This is the perfect, fun and educational decoration for any nursery or child's room.

Make your child's room the best it can be. Use our wooden wall letters for nursery and kid room decor as a focal point of your child's room.  At The Spunky Monkey, we are happy to work with your create a luxurious and beautiful space for your child.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Get Ready for Fun in the Sun

Put away those parkas and get ready for the sunshine.  It's almost summer and we, at The Spunky Monkey are so excited! We are looking forward to the beach, pool and overall sunny-ness.

If  you are looking forward to hitting those waves as much as we are, then we have some great products to help you prepare for the lazy days ahead. We offer a whole category dedicated to beach and pool products for kids. We have a great assortment of fun cover ups, flip flops, boys summer themed Jon Jon's and much more.  You're kids will be the talk of the pool with our spunky summer apparel.

sandboxes and play houses
If swimming isn't your thing, we offer outdoor play areas such as exciting sandboxes and play houses. These products will ensure your kids are busy outside playing for hours.  Our wooden picnic table is a great place for a little snack and some lemonade.

Whatever your plans for this summer and spring break, we have so super kids and baby summertime products to make your lounging a success.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Boys Suits and Ties

Boys Suits and Ties at The Spunky Monkey

Boys Pinstripe Suit
The Spunky Monkey offers a vast array of boys suits and ties sold together in adorable little boy formal outfits. Our boys suits and ties are fashionable, affordable and adorable on any little handsome man. We have a large selection of boys suits and ties including little boys pinstripe suits, little boys black suits and even white suits for babies, toddlers and young men. 

Boys Suits and Ties
Boys Suits and Ties
If you are looking for a boys suit and ties for any formal need, chances are good that we have exactly what you are looking for.  Our collection of boys suits offers many styles from very formal to bridal party suits for ring bearers. We also offer formal accessories such as different ties, dress shirts and formal shoes for your little guy.

Boys White Suit
Boys White Suit
Our boys suites and ties run from sizes 0-3 months all the way up to a boys size 12.  Many of our boys suit and tie combinations even offer a formal vest and fitted shirt for that perfect formal look.  We have suites in shades of gray, tan, white and black. We have boys pinstriped suits and boys black suits for a more formal affair. We even offer adorable old fashioned knicker suits for a timeless, classic look.

We are sure you will find what you are looking for and be satisfied at The Spunky Monkey when shopping for boys suits and ties.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Kids say the darndest things!

So, it's Monday, and in our usual ho hum drum Monday routine, it's the little one's night for dance classes.  So, she informs me she's not feeling well, although she can't remember if foreheads are hot or cold when sick?  "Mama, which are day?"  "Their hot if you're sick, baby. Let me feel.  You want me to take your temperature?"  So I go get the ear thermometer "thermo scan" and take her temp...nope, all good, a perfect 98.6. "Honey, where are you not feeling good?" I ask.  "In my mouf, ..." she proceeds to describe in graphic detail her version of some nasty acid reflux.  So, in an effort to keep the "throw up" from coming out, LOL!! I opt to let her stay home from dance. 

Ok, so I'm a wuss and a pushover for my kids.  Aaah, well...

Anyway, so, now she's settled in with my iPad watching some crazy chipmunk hodown video while watching her brand new fish in the brand new fish tank, named Ryan & Allie, who are apparently married.  Wow! I think, who wouldda thunk?!  ;)

Friday, March 9, 2012

Children's Easter Outfits

Hippity Hop Goes the Easter Bunny! 
Easter is April 8th!

Boys Easter Suits
Boys Easter Suits

Converse Crystal Shoes
Crystal Converse Shoes
Dress your child in the best children's Easter outfits around. The Spunky Monkey offers the most unique, fun and trendy baby girl and baby boy Easter outfits available. Our children's Easter collection includes baby boy, toddler and little boy suits, Jon Jon's and more. Our girls collection includes formal, fancy Easter dresses, boutique style dresses, bling shoes, onesies and so much more.  We have a large selection of children's Easter outfits to choose from.

Many of our great Easter outfits can be monogrammed with your child's name or initials for a great personalized look. Choose from personalized Easter Jon Jon's, beautiful monogrammed Easter dresses, t shirts, tutu sets and more.
Monogrammed Girls Dresses
Monogrammed Girls Dresses

Baby Boys Easter Outfits
Baby Boys Easter Outfits

Baby Girls Easter Outfits
Baby Girls Easter Outfits
The Spunky Monkey has a wonderful selection of 1st Easter outfits for your baby as well. Choose from bunny onesies, rompers, boutique Jon Jon's or dresses all to fit size 0-12 months. Your newest addition will look as cute as a bunny wearing some of our great children's Easter outfits.  Professional Easter photos will be dazzling this year.

We have great outfits for every child in your family this year.  Let us help make your child look dazzling for Easter Sunday, family portraits or a visit to see the Easter Bunny.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

St. Patrick's Day at The Spunky Monkey

May the Luck o' the Irish be with your this March! We are so excited for St. Patrick's day this year.  We have a special assortment of fun St. Patrick's day clothing, outfits, and St. Patrick's day accessories for everyone in your family to celebrate this fun filled holiday.

Girls St. Patrick's Day Clothes
Girls St. Patrick's Day Clothes
Our children's clothing category is full to the brim with lots of shamrocks and green. Our adorable boutique style outfits are made just for your little cutie and can be personalized with his or her name.  Our gorgeous  green gingham dresses and fun Jon Jon's will make your little Irish prince or princess stand out at any school function, play date or party this St. Patrick's day.

Girls St. Patrick's Day Clothes
We have plenty of sparkling rhinestone St. Patrick's day tee shirts as well for all of the little girls and women in the family. Our rhinestone shirts will sparkle and shine and make the holiday that much more dazzling.

Our personalized St. Patrick's day tees are perfect for any little boy or girl celebrating St. Patty's day this year. Our tees have fun designs and can be personalized with your child's name for a great shirt to keep you lucky on March 17th!

We also have a large selection of personalized dishware for kids just for St. Patrick's day.  Our St. Patrick's day accessories include personalized bowls, dishes, and place mats all with a St. Patrick's day theme.  Start a fun tradition by using these special, personalized dishes just on St. Patty's day. Kids will look forward to using their very own special St. Patrick's day dishes.
Personalized St. Patrick's Day Dishes

At The Spunky Monkey, we hope you and your family have a happy, safe and lucky St. Patrick's day this year!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Baby Girl Valentine's Day Outfits

Valentine's Day Tutus
Valentine's Day Tutus

She'll steal their hearts this February wearing any of our gorgeous,
boutique girl Valentine's day outfits or Valentines day accessories. We proudly offer a multitude of handmade appliqued shirts, onesies, dresses, tutus and more all for your little girl to wear in celebration of Valentine's day.

Valentine's Day Converse
Valentine's Day Converse

Your little Valentine girl will love to twirl and spin wearing a special pink Valentine's day tutu.  We have an extensive collection of girls tutus which are fabulous over leggings or even jeans.  Pair that with a pair of our exclusive twinking, heart covered bling converse, and a personalized tee and you'll have a heart breaker on your hands.
Our tutu one pieces have been a big hit.  We now offer special Valentine's day tutu one pieces for those creeping crawling toddlers to show off their Valentine's day style. These one pieces include a onesie and a full ruffle of soft chiffon around the waist.  Most of our tutu one pieces can be personalized as well.
Valentine's Day Toddler One Piece
Valentine's Day Toddler One Piece

Because most of our baby girl Valentine's day outfits are handmade with love, please be sure to get your order in by February 1st to avoid rushed shipping fees. 

Personalized Valentine's Day Bowl
Personalized Valentine's Day Bowl
It's not just about the baby girls! Our Valentine's day collection does not stop there. We have plenty of Valentine's day apparel for little boys, toddler girls, big boys, girls and women as well.  We also offer some great Valentines day gift ideas for women and kids. Including our personalized Valentines day place mats, bowls and matching tees! There is something for everyone at The Spunky Monkey this Valentine's day.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Latest at

We are still working hard to update our site more this year.  Keep on the look out for updated product photos as well as MORE NEW PRODUCTS!!  WOOP!  Check out one new product photo my daughter saw and liked:

New Arrivals Inc Flea Market Table and Chair Set

A child's table and chairs set is on the must have list for
children's playroom furniture.  With
it's style and durability, this

Flea Market Table and Chair Set

New Arrivals Inc
will make a great addition to any playroom!