Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Teething Bib Reviewed on Soapbox Mama

One of our favorite, keep us up to date, blogs is Soap Box Mama.  "Standing on her soapbox," JB Owen-Sacallis has a passion for writing and fashion that shows through in her posts as author of Soap Box Mama.  Soapbox is all about, "Moms who like to think outside the box."  With this in mind, JB puts her experience as a mother of two, founder of agoo apparel, a children’s wear company specializing in kids’ active wear, and published author to good use by upholding the soapbox pledge:

Soapbox Mama is for moms with opinions, preferences and maybe even a bit of attitude when it comes to giving the most to their families. It is for those who want answers, have questions, require products or just need a laugh without wasting a lot of time navigating ads and pop ups. Having children means your life is busy and we want to strive to give you the best, the newest, the coolest and what we think is going to make your life better, happier and easier all around.JB's Fashion Design degree and over 20 years in the fashion industry, with 12 of those years in the film and television industry, writes for numerous newspapers, magazines and websites. In addition to designing clothing, JB's passions include her writing. She hosts numerous blogs, is a guest contributor for a number of children's magazines Me Magazine, Urban Baby, and and websites,, and along with having her own weekly newsletter and her new site, 
All of this and she CHOSE, yes, her people contacted my people (a.k.a. me LOL!)!  (Can you feel the excitement?) She chose The Spunky Monkey's Blue Bunny Velour Pullover Teether Bib for a product review.  Please take a look at the feature to see what she has to say.  Afterall, she truly is an expert!

We at The Spunky Monkey are THRILLED to have forged a business relationship through this contact and look forward to sharing many more features and product reviews from JB with you in the future!

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