Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Valentines Day is nearly here!
To make your Valentines day truely special we have added over 50 new products to our store. Unfortunately custom made items are no longer available to be guaranteed you will receive it before Valentines day but we have some other super cute and fabulous products which are sure to help you spread the love!
Just to give you a little inspiration we have Diaper Covers for those cute bottoms, Hats with beautiful flowers since it might still be a little chilly where you are, no sense depriving fashion even if it is cold, Valentine Day themed shirts and pants that will make your little one look oh so cute, and don't forget your littlest ones they need a little bling to make them feel special so pick them out a Bling Pacifier Clip.
Now that you are inspired just pop on over to our store and pick up some items that will make your Valentines Day very memorable!

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  1. Some more cute Valentine's day stuff. If you missed the deadline for all our FABulous custom items for this VAlentine's day, we're going to be uploading St. Pat's stuff and you can always mark your calendar for next year to order in time!


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