Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Pre-K Graduation

Ok, personal update:

My oldest finished Pre-K and "graduates" this coming Fri.  What a hoot that will be HA HA HA!!!  She had her end of the year dance recital yesterday.  I can't believe it's already her 3rd year in dance?!  CRAZY!  All I kept thinking through the whole recital was that next year when she is in kindergarten at the "big kid" school, she'll have to go to a real dance studio and no more easy preschool dance where they're mobile and hold the class at the school.  So that tuition will go up ARGH! 

And simultaneously, my youngest starts preschool next year so I have to decide if I want her to skip the easy preschool dance at the school and have her in a class at the same company as "the big girl" so at the end of the year we can avoid two different recitals and we can just do one for both of them. can ages 2-5 be so "complicated"...I can't even imagine the decisions we're going to have to go through when are kids are in Jr. High and High School.  OK, I can't even think about that now or that just freaks me out LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  One day at a time...

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